Characterization, Regulation and Functional Activity of Specific Vasopressin Receptors in the Anterior Pituitary Gland

  • Bernard Koch
  • Bernadette Lutz-Bucher
Part of the Biochemical Endocrinology book series (BIOEND)


Vasopressin exerts multiple effects both at the periphery and at the central nervous system. Several lines of evidence show that, besides its well-defined action on the kidney, the liver and the cardiovascular system, the peptide also participates in behavioural processes (review by Forsling 1979), as well as in the control of pituitary corticotropic function (Yates et al., 1971; Gillies et al., 1982). Very recently, an adrenal site of action has even been described, as AVP was found to trigger steroid release from glomerulosa cells (Gallot-Payet et al., 1985).


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