Issues in the Treatment of Emotional and Behavioral Disturbances in Failure to Thrive

  • Jennifer M. Rathbun


The therapeutic work described in these chapters hold great promise for increased efficacy in interventions concerning emotional and behavioral problems associated with FTT, a condition which certainly requires multiple and specific problem-oriented interventions. Dr. Chatoor and her colleagues and Lieberman and Birch demonstrate fine-tuned diagnostic and therapeutic skills in the most difficult and often overwhelming arena of emotional functioning in the mother-infant pair. Dr. Drotar and his colleagues’ work incorporates sensitivity to the value and strength of family ties surrounding the mother-infant pair, ties which offer vital therapeutic resources for recovery. Drs. Linscheid and Rasnake’s work is noteworthy for efforts to directly address and correct behavioral burdens in the feeding situation, offering a sense of immediate relief and control to families and a concrete “shot in the arm” while other aspects of treatment are beginning.


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