Supplementary Tools for Behavioral Practice

  • Sheldon J. Kaplan
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Applied researchers and clinicians in the field of behavior therapy continue to upgrade the technology of the field and their own expertise. Since the early days of behavioral psychology in which devices such as the Skinner box, the cumulative recorder, and Mowrer’s enuresis bell and pad alarm were developed, behavior therapists have been inventing new methods and machines to facilitate the measurement and treatment of behavior. In addition, the field of behavior therapy has seen a rise in the number of books and journals written on the various topics of concern to the clinician. In recent years also, state licensing and certification boards have seen fit to require mental health professionals to complete a specified number of continuing education hours as a means of ensuring continued professional training and competence. Also, with the advent of the microcomputer, the practitioner has greater capability to do research, handle and store data, and utilize various software in the development of behavioral treatment programs and plans. These tools for behavioral practice aid the therapist in researching clinical problems and their treatment, in applying various measurement techniques, and in implementing these treatment methods used for pertinent clinical problems. The purpose of this chapter is to review and discuss these tools of a behavioral practice—equipment, books, continuing education, and computers—so as to inform the clinician of these available resources.


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