The Growth Factor—Platelet—Transformation Connection

  • Daniel F. Bowen-Pope
Part of the Developmental Biology book series (DEBO, volume 3)


Until recently, the growth of diploid animal cells in monolayer culture re quired that the defined nutrient medium be supplemented with serum prepared from clotted whole blood (Temin et al., 1972; Holley, 1975). The concentration of serum added to the nutrient medium was found to be a major determinant of the growth rate and final population density of these cultures (Holey, 1974). Recently, the purification of growth-promoting factors from serum and the development of chemically defined media able to support the growth of some cell types without the presence of serum (reviewed by Barnes and Sato, 1980) have supported the view that serum provides growth-stimulatory factors as well as nutrients or vitamins, or both.


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