Structure and Expression of Genes Encoding IgA Heavy Chains

  • Katherine L. Knight
Part of the Methodological Surveys in Biochemistry and Analysis book series (MSBA, volume 15B)


Quantitative analysis of rabbit secretory IgA with anti-allotype antibodies directed against the VH or Cα regions revealed the presence of recombinant IgA molecules in which the VH allotype was encoded by one chromosome and the Cα region was encoded by the homologous chromosome. Similar studies with IgG and IgM showed that IgA contained the greatest number of recombinant molecules and that the probable order is V---Cµ---Cγ---Cα [1]for genes that encode Ig heavy chains. In an effort to establish the order of the heavy-chain genes in rabbit and to determine the gene rearrangements which result in the recombinant Ig heavy chains, we have begun to clone the rabbit heavy-chain genes.


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  1. 1.Department of Microbiology and ImmunologyUniversity of Illinois Medical CenterChicagoUSA

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