Halorhodopsin, the Light-Dependent Chloride Transport System of Halobacteria

  • Janos K. Lanyi
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 91)


The halobacteria are microorganisms, adapted to growth and survival in nearly saturated brines (Larsen, 1967; Kushner, 1978). Because their intracellular salt concentration is also very high but consists mainly of KCl rather than NaCl, it might be expected that the exclusion of sodium ions and the uptake of potassium ions is an important function of their cytoplasmic membrane. Indeed, a powerful sodium/proton antiport system has been described (Lanyi and MacDonald, 1976; Eisenbach et al, 1977) in these membranes, driven by protonmotive force created by outward proton transport during respiration (under aerobic conditions) or during illumination though the operation of bacteriorhodopsin, a retinal protein with proton translocating activity. The respiratory chain is not very unusual for a bacterial membrane (Lanyi, 1968; Cheah, 1969), but bacteriorhodopsin is unique for the halobacteria, and its study has contributed greatly to our understanding of how proton pumps function (Stoeckenius et al, 1979). Another aspect of the membrane bioenergetics of these organisms is the transport of chloride. Since the concentration of this anion in the cytoplasm is nearly the same as in the medium, and a large membrane potential (negative inside) exists during growth, chloride in these organisms is far from its electrochemical equilibrium and must be imported by active transport.


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