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  • Amir Muhammed
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It is a great honour for me to welcome all the participants to this International Symposium on “Genotoxicity of Agricultural Chemicals in Developing Countries.” We are particularly grateful to the U. S. National Science Foundation for providing financial support for this symposium. The organizational arrangements for the symposium have been made by Dr. Alexander Hollaender of the Associated Universities Inc. and Dr. R. C. von Borstel of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, in collaboration with Mr. Umar Khan Baloch and myself in the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC). We are very grateful to Dr. Hollaender for initiating the plans for this symposium, and making all the necessary arrangements in the U. S., and to Dr. von Borstel for invaluable assistance in planning the programme and contacting all the distinguished speakers participating in this symposium. The symposium is a part of the series of International Symposia on “Basic Life Sciences” organized by Dr. Hollaender. The previous symposium of this series held in Pakistan was on “Genetic Diversity in Plants,” which was held in Lahore in 1976 and was considered a great success by all the participants. Encouraged from this experience, we organized the present symposium on the important subject of Agricultural Genotoxicity, which is of great relevance to Pakistan and other developing countries. The symposium proceedings will be recorded and published, as soon as possible, in the form of a book which will be widely distributed to the scientists and others concerned in Pakistan and other countries. We hope the symposium will play an important role in stimulating research on the safe use of pesticides in agriculture, as well as improvement of regulatory mechanisms for pesticide use in Pakistan.


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