X-rays from Protonium — PS174 Progress Report

  • Tim Gorringe
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 23)


The purpose of this experiment is to measure the strong interaction shift and width of the atomic 1S groundstate of antiprotonic-hydrogen by observing its K series X-rays. This gives directly the \(\bar p\) complex scattering length. Also from a measurement of the L X-rays we can determine the 2P annihilation width and investigate the atomic cascade. \(\bar P\)-helium runs provide us with a means of optimizing and periodically checking the working of our equipment in addition to their physics interest (strong \(\bar p\)-He interaction and atomic cascade). To date we have stopped antiprotons in gaseous hydrogen (30K and 300K), deuterium (30K) and helium (30K, 100K and 300K).


Compton Scattering Comp Spectrum Double Wedge Compton Background Cascade Calculation 
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