In Vivo Quantification and Platelet Survival Studies: What is the Best Approach?

  • A. P. du Heyns
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Although the role of blood platelets in health and disease may be assessed with in vitro methods such as platelet aggregometry, these have limited value and have been found wanting in the clinical situation, except in a few well-defined diseases. Recently investigators have relied increasingly on in vivo measurements of platelet behaviour. For many years the determination of platelet survival time was regarded as the best determinant of in vivo platelet behavior. It was also accepted that this was best done with sodium-dichromate as platelet label (1). In an important systematic investigation of alternative gamma-emitting radionuclides, Thakur(2) recommended In-111 as a suitable and preferable platelet label. The discovery of oxine and other chelates, has now established the superiority of In-111-complexes over Cr-51 as a platelet label.


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