Indium-111-Platelets in Bypass Grafts: Experimental and Clinical Applications

  • Mrinal K. Dewanjee
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 88)


Carrel and Guthrie made original and significant contributions in arterial and venous grafting in 1906 in dogs (1). Carrel was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1908 for these vessel transplantations with autologous, homologous, and heterologous blood vessels. Advance in surgical techniques (2–14) and understanding the cell biology of endothelial, smooth muscle cells, and fibroblasts; mechanism of activation of platelet and of coagulation cascades; risk factors for loss of protective endothelial cells and subsequent thrombosis and atherosclerosis of native vessels and vein grafts (15–54); development of platelet inhibitors; anticoagulant drugs and new diagnostic techniques for evaluation of graft patency (54–96) led to the present status of arterial and venous reconstructions.


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