Thermal Conductivity of Tellurium Dioxide Single Crystals

  • K. A. McCarthy
  • H. H. Sample


Tellurium dioxide is a material of interest for acousto-optic devices. Measurements of the thermal conductivity of single crystals of tellurium dioxide have been made in the 1.5–100 K temperature range. The crystals on which these measurements were made have tetragonal (paratellurite) structure; its elastic behavior is characterized by an unusually slow shear wave in the <110> direction.

Measurements were made with the heat flow direction parallel to the c-axis and with heat flow along a <110> direction. For heat flow parallel to the c-axis, KPEAK equals 16.4 watt/cm K at 5 K; for heat flow perpendicular to the c-axis, KPEAK equals watt/cm K at 5 K. Although the samples came from two different sources, we believe that there is an orientation dependence of K in this anisotropic material.

These results will be compared with our recent measurements on single crystals of thallium arsenic selenide (TAS or Tl3AsSe3), also a material with interesting acousto-optic properties. This material has a trigonal structure, and is one member of the ternary chalcogenide salt group that does not have a very slow shear mode velocity. Measurements made with heat flow both parallel and perpendicular to the c-axis are only slightly different.


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  • K. A. McCarthy
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  • H. H. Sample
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