A Guideline for Ecological Research

  • M. Godron
Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 7)


The major ecological questions are as numerous as ecologists, and each ecologist could draw up a long list of urgent problems. Simple compilation of such a list would lead to a grab bag, where acid rain, the wells of the Sahel, or polymetallic nodules would be neighbors of Melville’s white whale and Prevert’s raccoon. To walk with security in such a labyrinth, one must seize Ariadne’s thread and follow it to its end, at the risk of naively underlining the obvious and of posing once again Olbers’s paradoxes. This approach requires a chain of arguments, often academic, which will be re-stated here only to clarify the vocabulary used. The reader, therefore, is advised to read the text rapidly to seize the essential structure, before returning to the major points.


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