Structural and Molecular Properties of Platelet Membrane Systems

  • Neville Crawford


Our understanding about the chemical composition and functional properties of platelet membrane systems has been advancing very rapidly at both the morphological and molecular levels over the last ten years or so. This is well emphasized by the fact that in certain areas of membrane biochemistry the use of the platelet as a model cell for probing the more general aspects of membrane structure and behavior, as also for studying drug transport and disease-related membrane defects, has resulted in a popularity rating for the platelet almost equal to that enjoyed earlier by the red cell. Although both the red cell and the platelet are anucleate cells, in some respects the platelet with its highly interactive surface membrane, its mitochondria, internal membranes, and lysosomes and storage organelles more reflects the behavioral and metabolic activities of other cells in the body than does the red cell with its high level of functional specialization. Since the platelet circulates as a poised and potentially highly reactive cell, responding rapidly to external stimuli, and is also most sensitive to even minor biochemical changes in the surrounding milieu, considerably more attention has been focused on the plasma membrane and its constituents and properties than on the various intracellular membrane systems that are equally well developed for functional needs. These latter membrane elements include not only endoplasmic-reticulumlike (ER) structures often referred to as dense tubular membrane system (DTS), but also include the boundary membranes of the many different granular organelles residing within the cytoplasmic matrix (mitochondria, lysosomes, α-granules, dense body granules, etc.).


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