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Complex Stabilization Method

  • B. R. Junker
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Many phenomena, such as field ionization, electron resonances, absorption and emission of radiation by composite systems, etc., which arise when photons and electrons interact with atomic and molecular systems or when atomic and molecular systems interact have a resonance structure. This observed structure (i.e., its position and width) can be described in terms of the real and imaginary parts, respectively, of the complex energy E res of a pole of the scattering matrix.* In general, a number of closely spaced poles may occur. Theoretically, a number of techniques have been developed to determine these poles. The various methods have been classified in one of two categories—either a complete scattering calculation is performed at a number of energies in the vicinity of the resonance, and then the resonance parameters (position and width) are extracted by fitting the calculated cross section to a resonance expression, such as a Breit-Wigner form, or the complex energy where the S matrix has a pole is computed directly.


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