• E. Bryan Carne
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In recent years innovative services have come to characterize the modern tele­communications industry. The pressure for these new services comes partly from customer demand and partly from the availability of new technology. Customer demand arises from the needs (real or imagined) for
  • rapid response—for immediate access to information from, or the com­pletion of transactions with, a remote data base;

  • immediate communication with geographically dispersed units of an or­ganization, or relatives and friends;

  • circumvention of inconvenient opening hours through shopping by tele­phone, or automated tellers, or bill-paying services;

  • remote interrogation and control of security and other environmental sys­tems;

  • verification of credit and authorization of the use of funds;

  • nationwide television broadcasting and new television formats such as high-definition, expanded screen services;

  • message communication in a highly mobile society, such as electronic mail, high-speed facsimile, and voice storage.


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