The Mechanism of Binding of Neural Cell Adhesion Molecules

  • Stanley Hoffman
  • Gerald M. Edelman
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 181)


The morphology and cellular interconnections within the nervous system of higher organisms arise as a result of complex cell-cell interactions occurring throughout development. In order to identify the cell surface molecules mediating the adhesion that regulates many of these interactions, a variety of assays have been used and several molecules have been proposed to be involved in neural cell adhesion (Merrell et al., 1975; Hausman and Moscona, 1976; Urushihara et al., 1979; Marchase et al., 1981; Magnani et al., 1981; Grunwald et al., 1982; Roth and Pierce, 1982; Sadoul et al., 1983; Lindner et al., 1983). In our laboratory, an immunological approach devised by one of us (GME) led to the identification (Brackenbury et al., 1977; Thiery et al., 1977) and purification of a protein involved in calcium-independent neural cell adhesion which has been named the neural cell adhesion molecule or N-CAM. A number of other CAMs of different structure and specificity have since been identified (See Edelman, 1983, for a review).


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