Lithographic Materials

  • Joachim Bargon
Part of the The IBM Research Symposia Series book series (IRSS)


Photosensitive. coatings, the workhorses of modern microelectronic technology, were originally developed for application in planar printing technology. From these both positive and negative photoresists have found their way into semiconductor manufacturing lines, originally because of their high resolution capability. From a chemical point of view, many different resist systems exist, but very few have found practical application. The dominating negative resists are based upon cyclized rubber as a host matrix containing a photosensitive crosslinking catalyst. The chief positive photoresists consist of a phenolic host resin which is photosensitized via an admixed dissolution inhibitor of the naphthoquinone diazide type. Their chemistry is closely related to the old fashioned blueprint copying process. Photoresists of this type have contributed significantly to the development of novel semiconductor processing concepts. They have survived the change over from wet chemistry etchants to dry plasma etching, and from visible light exposure to UV or electron beam lithography. More specialized resist systems have since been identified but the traditional performers impress by their universal applicability. Lithographic techniques have become very sophisticated, and accordingly many new lithographic materials such as multilayer resists, dual exposure resists, photosensitive insulators (polyimides), inorganic resists and dry developable systems have been added to the rather impressive menu of the modern microelectronic technology.


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