Recent Advances in the Theory of Impurities and Defects in Semiconductors

  • Sokrates T. Pantelides
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Scientific advances often lead directly to technological innovations. On other occasions, new technologies emerge from experimentation and are based on processes and phenomena that are poorly understood. Scientific inquiry then attempts to probe these processes and phenomena in order to achieve better understanding and, in turn, point to new directions for technological advances. In this way, science and technology are intricately interconnected. Nevertheless, the connections are often hard to see as most of us usually focus on either scientific or technological research. This symposium has brought together technologists and scientists, and one of our aims is to understand each other and get a feeling for the work pursued in areas outside our own expertise. I have the honor of being one of the few scientists who have been asked to address this audience which consists mostly of highly talented technologists. In my talk, I shall review a number of recent advances in my field of expertise, with an attempt to place them in a perspective relating to technology in general and microelectronics in particular. Since time is limited, I will not attempt a broad review. Instead, I will focus primarily on theoretical work carried out by myself and a group of valuable collaborators in the last few years. Work by other groups will also be reviewed where appropriate in order to give a fairly comprehensive picture of the current state of the art.


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