The Structure and Control of the Pentitol Operons

  • B. S. Hartley
Part of the Monographs in Evolutionary Biology book series (MEBI)


This chapter discusses evolutionary lessons from the structure of the pentitol Operons. The studies described in the last chapter, together with the genetic mapping of Charnetzky and Mortlock (1974) and the parallel work of Reiner (1975; Scangos and Reiner, 1978a) in E. coli C, had made clear that the rbt and dal Operons were probably contiguous, with a gene order rbtK-rbtD-rbtC-dalB-rbtB-dalC-dalD-dalK-, where rbtK encodes d-ribulokinase (DRK); dalK, d-xylulokinase (DXK); rbtD, ribitol dehydrogenase (RDH); and dalD, d-arabitol dehydrogenase (ArDH); and rbtB, rbtC, dalB, and dalC are control loci for the appropriate Operons. Detailed study of the structure of this region might elucidate (1) the nature of events leading to the enzyme superproduction discussed in the previous chapter, (2) the control of the Operons, and (3) potential homologies between the corresponding rbt and dal genes: their arrangement invites speculation about an ancestry arising from an invert gene duplication.


Ribitol Dehydrogenase Aerogenes Strain 


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