P-Cell Stimulating Factor: Biochemistry, Biology, and Role in Oncogenesis

  • John W. Schrader
  • Ian Clark-Lewis
  • Richard M. Crapper
  • Grace H. W. Wong
  • Sabariah Schrader


The use of monoclonal lines of T cells in the form of T-cell hybridomas (Schrader et al., 1980a,b, 1982a; Harwell et al., 1980; Schrader and Clark-Lewis, 1981), T-cell lymphomas (Ralph et al., 1978; Hilfiker et al., 1981; Golde et al., 1980; Gillis et al., 1980; Clark-Lewis et al., 1982a, b), and more recently T-cell lines (Staberet al., 1982; Kelso et al., 1982; Prystowsky et al., 1982) has established conclusively that the T lymphocyte is the direct source of factors with a wide range of bioactivities. Our original observation on the induction of lymphokine synthesis by a T-cell hybridoma, 123, indicated that stimulation of a single cloned line resulted in the release of multiple bioactivities (Schrader et al., 1980a). These included factors affecting B and T lymphocytes (T-cell replacing factor, TRF) and T-cell growth factor (TCGF;now referred to as Interleukin-2, IL-2) (Schrader et al., 1980a, b), activities stimulating the growth and differentiation of progenitors of neutrophils, macrophages, and megakaryocytes (Schrader et al., 1980a), and an activity stimulating the in vitro production of pluripotential hemopoietic stem cells (Schrader et al., 1980a, b; Schrader and Clark-Lewis, 1982a).


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  • Ian Clark-Lewis
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  • Richard M. Crapper
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  • Grace H. W. Wong
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  • Sabariah Schrader
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