Toward a Semiology of the Image: Introduction

  • Georges Mounin
Part of the Topics in Contemporary Semiotics book series (TICSE, volume 158)


There already exists a voluminous bibliography on the image as object of a semiology or a semiotics (the two terms being synonymous here). And yet, it seems to me that one can still be very legitimately dissatisfied, without harboring any polemical motives, after having read—to cite only a few names—the writings of Roland Barthes, Jean-Louis Schefer, Christian Metz, Louis Marin, and René Lindekens. These authors have undoubtedly made rich and often brilliant contributions to our view of the manner in which images behave. They have accumulated suggestions, viewpoints, variations, and even embellishments on the image. But I envy anyone who will have been able to read and absorb this impressive mass of thoughts about the image without feeling discouraged, as though he were standing before the confused rubble of a collapsed tower of Babel, the pieces of which would have to be judiciously reassembled in order to ever construct an authentic semiology of the image.


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