The Battle of Bouvines and Structuralism

  • Georges Mounin
Part of the Topics in Contemporary Semiotics book series (TICSE, volume 158)


This book1 will be of interest to a much wider audience than historians of the Middle Ages or even historians in general. It furnishes an example, perhaps unique even now, which will help us reach a correct perspective on the problems posed by the relations between structuralism and history, or on the research of what are called narrative structures. It would be paradoxical to ignore the contribution of such a book under the pretext that the most futile fashion, having for ten or fifteen years concocted structuralist recipes for every topic, is today going around proclaiming that structuralism is dead: and probably just at the moment when, at last rid of its parasites, it will be able to demonstrate its genuine productivity in the human sciences (because in linguistics there is no longer any need to demonstrate this).


Narrative Structure Structural Explanation Social Milieu Folk Song Ideological Framework 
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