The Linguistic Description and Psychiatric Description of Language

  • Georges Mounin
Part of the Topics in Contemporary Semiotics book series (TICSE, volume 158)


A linguist’s description of a given language is a set of well known procedures which aim at giving an account of the structures that ensure its function, that is communication, intercomprehension between speakers of this language. Even if the schools of linguistics disagree on one procedure or another, even if the application of general principles is at times difficult or leaves some problems pending, even if deeper explanations can diverge widely, descriptions of the same language either coincide or converge. A similar situation is also well known to medicine in general, where symptomatology (the description of observable facts) has experienced an often remarkable stability, whereas nosology, etiology, or phy-siopathology, which are deduced from it (the explicaiton or the theory of these facts) change much more quickly with time.


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