The Role of Fixed (Native) and Planted Antigens in Glomerular Disease

  • Curtis B. Wilson


The humoral mechanisms of immunologic injury causing glomerulonephritis (GN) and potentially tubulointerstitial nephritis can be classified on the basis of the solubility of the antigens involved (Table 1) (Wilson and Dixon, 1981) Soluble antigens in circulating or extravascular fluids, upon reaction with antibody, lead to immune complex (IC) formation. Circulating IC can attain widespread vascular deposition, or their localization may be confined primarily to the glomerulus, which appears to be a particularly susceptible site. Circulating IC can form involving exogenous antigens, generally from infectious agents, or endogenous antigens, such as nuclear materials or tumor-associated antigens (Wilson and Dixon, 1981). IC formation also occurs extravascularly, as in the Arthus reaction (Cochrane and Janoff, 1974), in experimental thyroiditis (Clagett et al., 1974), and in some tubulointerstitial renal diseases in which tubular antigens, including Tamm-Horsfall protein, have been implicated (Unanue et al., 1967; Hoyer, 1980).


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