The Myopathy of Experimental Magnesium Deficiency

  • James P. Knochel
  • Robert E. Cronin
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 178)


Selective deficiency of magnesium has not been considered to be a cause of structural disorganization pf skeletal muscle cells in man. In contrast, the well-known functional consequences of magnesium depletion and hypomagnesemia appear to affect conduction in perpheral nerves rather than dysfunction at the neuromuscular junction. At the latter location and on the skeletal muscle cell, changes in concentration of magnesium ions required to induce functional alterations are beyond the range of disturbances seen in clinical magnesium deficiency or excess. In humans, experimental magnesium deficiency leads to symptoms of neuromuscular irritability, but these appear to be marked or persistent only when they occur in the presence of hypokalemia and hypocalcemia (1).


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  • James P. Knochel
    • 1
  • Robert E. Cronin
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  1. 1.Dallas VA Medical CenterUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical SchoolDallasUSA

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