Changes in the Cytoskeleton Provide an Index of Growth Activity and Cell Interactions During Nervous System Regeneration and Plasticity

  • John Cronly-Dillon
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The cytoskeleton of the neuron and axon consists primarily of the three components, microtubules, microfilaments and neurofilaments: and recent evidence indicates that elements of the cytoskeleton play a significant role in mediating the active translocation of materials along neurites (Schwartz, 1979). Cytoskeletal components such as tubulin and actin are therefore important for neurite growth, and their involvement in synapse formation has also been demonstrated (Jones and Matus, 1975; Lagnado et al., 1971). Conse-guently, it is not unreasonable to suppose that changes in cytoskeletal organization may coincide with many developmental changes that affect a neuron’s morphology.


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