Development of Peptide Immunoreactivity in the Hippocampus, Visual Cortex and Retina

  • Christine Gall
  • Nicholas Brecha
  • John G. Parnavelas
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 78)


During the last several years many studies have reported that biologically active peptides have an extensive distribution within the nervous system. At least twenty peptides have been described in the brain and periphery, each belonging to seemingly morphologically distinct systems and each presumably playing distinct functional roles (Emson, 1979; Hokfelt et al., 1980; Walsh, 1981). The majority of studies have examined adult tissues; there are relatively few studies which have examined the ontogeny of peptide-containing systems (Gash et al., 1980; Brecha et al., 1981B; De Vries et al., 1981; McDonald et al., a,b,c,d; Inagaki et al., 1982; Shiosaka et al., 1982; Gall et al., 1983).


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