Development of Neurotransmitter Systems in the Goldfish Retina

  • S. C. Sharma
  • R. Petrucci
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In the adult vertebrate retina, aminobuteric acid (GABA), glycine and dopamine have been localized in particular cell types and their role implicated as neurotransmitter for those cells. The cells have been shown to contain high concentrations of neurotransmitter and its synthetic enzymes and they accumulate the putative transmitter or its precursors. These retinal neurons are also capable of releasing the transmitter in response to an appropriate stimulus (Hall et al., 1974; Robert et al., 1976, for review). In the retina of adult Xenopus laevis, GABA accumulates predominantly in horizontal cells and in certain amacrine cells of the inner nuclear layer (Hollyfield et al., 1979). Similar cell types in the adult goldfish retina also contain GABA; specifically, GABA has been localized in H-l type cone horizontal cells and Ab type pyri-form amacrine cells (Marc et al., 1978).


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  • R. Petrucci
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