FIST Small Break Accident Analysis with BWR TRACB02 — Pretest Predictions

  • Md. Alamgir
  • Wm. A. Sutherland


The BWR Full Integral Simulation Test (FIST) program includes experimental simulation and analytical evaluation of BWR thermal-hydraulic phenomena during transient events. One such event is a small size break in the suction line of one of the recirculation pumps. The results from a test simulating this transient in the FIST facility are compared with a system analysis using the Transient Reactor Analysis Code (TRACB02). This comparison demonstrates BWR-TRAC capability for small break analyses and provides detailed understanding of the phenomena.


Pressure Control System Surface Heat Transfer Coefficient Suction Line Recirculation Pump Small Size Break 
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  • Md. Alamgir
    • 1
  • Wm. A. Sutherland
    • 1
  1. 1.Nuclear Fuel Engineering DepartmentGeneral Electric CompanySan JoseUSA

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