Mathematical Modelling of Plant Transients in the PWR for Simulator Purposes

  • Karel Hartel


The necessity of the PWR simulator realisation in the Czechoslovakia has been given by the present state and the outlooks of the further development of the Czechoslovak nuclear power complex: 2 blocks equipped with WWER 440 reactors are working in nuclear power station VI at Jaslovske Bohunice and the operation of 12 blocks this type is planned to the year of 1990. Specifications of the WWER 440 reactor: thermal power 1375 MW, electrical power 440 MW, nominal duration of reloading cycle 7000 h, number of control rods 37, number of fuel assemblies 349, number of pins per assembly 126, concentration of fresh fuel 1.6–3.6% U235, quantity of enriched fuel 42t UO2, coolant borated water, operating pressure 12.25 MPa, coolant flow 9000 kgs−1, coolant temperature at inlet 267°C, coolant temperature at outlet 296°C, number of circuits 6.


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