Loss of Preferred Power Events in German BWRs and PWRs

  • W. Frisch
  • R. Gill


Loss of preferred (or auxiliary) power events are standard design cases taken into account for design of many reactor and plant systems (e. g. core, protection system, emergency feedwater system, emergency power supply system etc.). They are treated in the accident analysis sections of safety reports. Plant behavior in those cases has been investigated extensively by way of detailed plant transient analysis. However, due to the very high number of systems and electrical switching involved in coping with these cases, addititional very detailed tests are required during plant start up. The dynamic behavior of the plant is tested as well as the electrical switching sequence during the transition from auxiliary power to emergency power. Therefore the loss of auxiliary power test case is performed from power operation (e. g. 50%).


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  • W. Frisch
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  • R. Gill
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  1. 1.ForschungsgeländeGesellschaft für ReaktorsicherheitGarchingGermany

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