Taipower Experience in Plant Transients

  • Peng-Chang Chen


Four nuclear units are in operation in Taiwan, Rep. of China. Efforts are made to build up in-house capability of transient and accident analysis for support of licensing application and plant operation. Three kinds of model, two sets of input base deck for each, have been developed. Plant start-up transient recorder (STARTREC) data are used to benchmark RETRAN models for the transients and FSAR data for the accidents. Establishment of a well prepared transient and accident library for each nuclear power plant is under way. An event cross-reference index is set up for each typical transient and accident case and stored in disc or tapes in order to have easy access of data. An equally important way to enhance our plant safety is sharing valuable experience with other utilities through information exchange channel; INPO SEE-IN Program has been utilized in a most effective manner in Taipower. Four NOTEPAD activities relating to operation and maintenance data are selected for recatego-rization and supplemented by Taipower operating experience and USNRC IE Bulletins. The key words are used by four hierarchial levels for easy retrieval.


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