Screening for and Characterizing Restriction Endonucleases

  • Ira Schildkraut
Part of the Genetic Engineering book series (GEPM, volume 6)


The ability to cleave DNA at specific sequences is the fundamental technology which was responsible for the rapid development of genetic engineering. The type II restriction endonucleases are the enzymes which enable scientists to cleave DNA at specific sequences. In 1974, Richard Roberts distributed a list of 30 restriction endonucleases. Eighteen of these recognized unique sequences; the remainder were isoschizomers, enzymes from different bacterial sources that recognize the same sequence (1). Presently the list contains 398 restriction endonucleases, 91 of which are unique (2). The increased number of restriction endonucleases available now has allowed greater flexibility and versatility in experimental strategies and design. Continuing the search for and identifying new restriction endonucleases will further reduce the limitations and permit more precision in genetic engineering.


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