Bromocriptine in the Treatment of Chronic Hepatic Encephalopathy

  • M. Y. Morgan


Chronic hepatic encephalopathy (chronic porto-systemic encephalopathy) is a neuropsychiatric syndrome which occurs as well-recognised though rare complication of chronic liver disease.1–5 Patients show persistent clinical, psychometric and electroencephalographic evidence of encephalopathy and often present as neurological rather than hepatic problems. Profound changes in central neurotransmitters, particularly of the adrenergic system have been documented in these patients,6,7 including decreased concentrations of norepinephrine and dopamine and increased concentrations of the week neurotransmitters octopamine and β-phenylethanolamine.8–10 Changes also occur in cerebral energy metabolism, namely a fall in cerebral blood flow and cerebral oxygen consumption11,12 together with an abnormality of glucose handling.13 Clinical improvement is associated with an increase in oxygen utilization.11,12,14


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