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The Police Manager

  • David John Farmer
Part of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety book series (CJPS)


How can we begin to develop the new form of police agency, to allocate resources more effectively? Probably we should do just that—begin. Not worrying unduly about the other person, each of the principal actors and the supporting cast should get his or her feet wet—now. The principal actors are the politicians and the police managers; the supporting cast are the criminal justicians—the writers and the educators. “Now” in this context, of course, is a relative term: so let us define it as “whenever the reader finishes this book.” The purpose of this section is to offer suggestions for beginning-level approaches for these persons to get their feet wet in the task of working toward this new form of policy agency. The next two chapters suggest Policy Beginnings, respectively, for the police chief and for the politician. Two cautions: others may identify alternative steps more suitable for their own particular locations; and these Policy Beginnings are no more than that- just beginnings.


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