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A New Managerial Approach

  • David John Farmer
Part of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety book series (CJPS)


To control crime, a new form of police institution is needed that is purpose-oriented, outgoing to the environment, and creative; the new managerial approach is to seek this new form. The three major capabilities that cumulatively characterize the new form of police institution were described in the first chapter. Concerning purpose, it is the capacity for developing- in consultation with other public and private agencies- plans for order enhancement. Concerning outgoingness or openness to the environment, it is the capacity for mobilizing and leading agencies and individuals to achieve the improved order level. Concerning creativity, it is the capacity for utilizing research results and new perspectives in achieving the other two capabilities. This chapter comments on these three capabilities- providing an account of the new managerial approach, that new direction for police management that can be expected to work with the new community approach to give us crime control and the other benefits of the new form of police agency. The first section of this chapter describes purpose-orientation, providing an account of a budgeting method of police resources allocation decision-making. The second comments on openness in both policy-making and implementation, and the third discusses creativity.


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