Burkitt’s Lymphoma

  • James Linder
  • David T. Purtilo


In this review of Burkitt’s lymphoma, we discuss recent clinical and pathological advances in the understanding of this unique malignancy. Burkitt’s lymphoma (BL) has been the subject of intense investigation ever since Burkitt’s classic description in 1958 (18). The lively interest in this lymphoma stems from cliraatological and geographical distribution which had suggested a mosquito-vectored virus as the etiologic agent (20,21,49). The subsequent discovery of the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) in cultured BL cells gave credence to this view (38). Virologists continue to study this herpesvirus as a model for viral-induced oncogenesis (23,39,66,145). Second, the exquisite sensitivity of this tumor to chemotherapy suggested a potential for cure. This plus the pioneering work regarding chemotherapy of acute lymphocytic leukemias by the prominent pathologist, Sidney Farber, has provided impetus for modern chemotherapy programs. Finally, BL is unique in its histopathologic, immunologic, and cytogenetic attributes. The surface markers studies of BL have demonstrated arrested lymphocyte differentiation. Other cancers are viewed also in the context of blocked autogeny.


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