Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Florence Sullivan
  • Rosemary Evans
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According to estimates recently published by the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect, more than three million children in the United States were subjected to abuse or neglect during a one-year period. Although only one-third of those children were actually reported to child protective services, one-third of these were seriously neglected and one-third were severely injured. Two thousand children died, averaging six victims a day. Many children who survive are irreparably hurt; they are left with permanent physical damage or emotional impairment. All 50 states have enacted protective legislation requiring that suspected cases of abuse be reported to a designated agency. In addition, each state had provided extensive services for abused or neglected children. There are telephone hotlines, crisis centers, outpatient facilities, family service networks, and specially designed treatment modalities such as family therapy and parent aid and training programs. The key to interrupting the pattern of abuse and neglect in our society, however, is not merely to add more services but to find and identify the victims and connect them with services that can help.


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