Design Concepts for Tamper Responding Systems

  • David Chaum


If cryptography is to be used to provide trustworthy information processing systems for society, the important problems of shielding and tamper-safing must be effectively solved by non-secret designsl. Shielding techniques for protecting mechanisms against analysis of their radiated signal energy seem to be rather well understood, and are not discussed here. Tamper-sating systems can be divided between those which merely indicate tampering to an inspector, and those systems which can detect tampering and can respond by, for example, destroying some secret information. In some cases it may be desirable to augment a tamper-responding system with tamper-indicating techniques and periodic inspections, in order to place an upper bound on the amount of time available for compromise of the tamper-responding system. The present work, however, focuses on design concepts for tamper-responding systems.


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