Photoradiation for Choroidal Malignant Melanoma

  • Robert A. BruceJr.


Photoradiation therapy is the pretreatment of tissue with a photo sensitizing substance followed by exposure to light energy, resulting in a photodynamic reaction that causes cell death. This concept has been investigated since the early 1900s without success until the 1970s. At this time, Dougherty (1978; 1979; 1981) and his group at Roswell Park, New York developed a derivative of hematoporphyrin (HpD) that appears to meet the necessary criteria of a photoradiation therapy. It is well known that the HpD, when given to patients, is concentrated in neoplastic tissue to a greater extent than in normal tissues. Exposure of the sensitized tissue to red light (630 nm) results in a photodynamic reaction, causing oxidation of cross linkages in the cell wall resulting in cell lysis (Moan et al., 1979; Weishaupt et al., 1976). To date, many types of human and animal neoplasms have been responsive to this mode of therapy (McBride, 1979).


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