Purine Nucleoside Analogs as Antiviral Agents

  • John C. Drach
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 73)


In a book and conference dealing with “targets” for antiviral agents, a discussion on the “magic bullets”* used to treat virus diseases might seem out of place. The study of existing drugs and active compounds is, however, most appropriate in the context of designing new and better antivirals. As Prusoff2 has pointed out, the knowledge of a specific chemotherapeutic target has not yet led to the synthesis of a specific drug. Until highly detailed physical-chemical data on sites of inhibition and modes of drug-receptor interaction are obtained and interpreted, this approach will remain a longer term goal. A more achievable goal is the application of mode of action data on existing agents to the design of new and better drugs. In addition, both new and existing drugs can be used to probe known targets and to search for new ones.


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