Unresolved Theoretical Problems

  • Erich Vogt


Perhaps as much as any recent conference on nuclear physics this Telluride conference has brought together a number of very important ideas in nuclear physics and has pointed to future directions of the whole field. In this summary I want to give some personal impressions of the ideas about which we heard and also to try to put them into a perspective within which we can look at unresolved theoretical problems — questions which could have importance in the future. We have had the kind of vigorous discussions which are appropriate to a frontier town like Telluride. There were some moments of glory and some heinous crimes. I want to provide, as appropriate, some quick accolades and some summary frontier justice. The first such quick and harsh justice should probably be dispensed to the previous summary speaker who has, in his usual style, stolen most of the prize nuggets unearthed at this conference.


Shell Model Giant Dipole Resonance Strength Function Residual Interaction Isobaric Analogue Resonance 
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