Experimental Perspective

  • William Bertozzi


A great deal of new and important material has been reported at this conference and many interesting speculations have been presented. A large number of problems have been exposed and discussed with such completeness that my task of presenting an experimentalist’s perspective for the future has become a difficult one. Partly I feel a growing compassion for the theorists for whom there is already so much to understand and it is with great trepidation that I venture to suggest that the field holds even more promise for the future in terms of new results of importance. It is with even greater trepidation that I suggest that some of our cherished experimental results are not as well established as some of us seem to believe. This feeling of insecurity is, of course, enhanced by the forceful erudition of the well-known theoretical summary speaker who follows me and who will surely demonstrate how all the new physics can be derived most interestingly from a few simple and general ideas and that once again all is well with the world. Perhaps experimentalists should learn to leave well enough alone but, unfortunately, we carry in our genes some kind of force that compels us to turn knobs and make adjustments just to be sure that all is well with our measurements and with our ideas. With all due respect, such is the nature of some of my remarks.


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