Preventive and Promotional Goals of Community Mental Health Services

  • Andrew R. Hornblow


One of the important though frequently difficult tasks faced by community mental health organisations is that of identifying attainable goals. This is particularly true where such goals relate to primary prevention of psychological disorder, or promotion of psychological health. There is of course no simple model for prevention, given the complex causation of psychological disorders. A further complication is that activities directed toward primary prevention and mental health..... promotion have both idealogical and scientific aspects. “Community mental health represents at one end of the spectrum a socio-political idealogy and at the other, an attempt to bring down-to-earth proven psychiatric practice in a more responsible way to the known or potential patients in the community”.1 This paper outlines attempts made by the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand to define and implement preventive and promotional goals. For those less familiar with the Antipodes, before going on to outline specific Mental Health Foundation activities, I will mention a few basic facts about New Zealand society and the psychological needs with which community mental health services are confronted.


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