Environmental Stress Factors and Their Psychosomatic Correlates in Diabetes Mellitus

  • Jinichi Suzuki


The ward of environmental stress contains two meanings that one is the physical or chemical stimulation come from the nature, the other is psychological stress coming from human society which we are living now. On this paper, I would like to take up the later mental stressor in our country Japan. Recently almost Japanese are stone-tossed in their psychosocial and ethical confusion which caused by end of megaloindustriazation and beginning of slowing down of socioeconomical development. Consequently many stress induced diseases are progressing with rapid gradient, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular accident and diabetes mellitus. At first, I will mention an analytic result of diabetes morbidity rate which is increasing parallel with socio-economical change, next I will represent how the mental stress aggravate diabetic process experimentally, at last I want to show you new diabetic type among the school teachers who are exposed to the violence by misconducted young generation in junior high school.


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