Psychoanalytic Hospital Treatment the Application of Psychoanalytic Principles

  • M. Jackson
  • R. Jacobson


Although psychoanalysis has made a very great impact on clinical psychiatry in the United States, it has had much less influence in Britain and most of the rest of the world. Since the last war great advances have been made in British psychiatry in the spheres of social and community psychiatry, rehabilitation of the psychotic, epidemiological research and psychopharmacology. Psychoanalysis has made a major contribution by way of the therapeutic community movement, and more recently through its contributions to the development of groupanalytic and family therapy. However, in the training of psychiatrists and allied professionals in the care of the disturbed inpatient, psychoanalysts have had relatively little to say that has been of interest to British psychiatrists. Many psychiatrists still maintain an extreme position in which severe mental illness is regarded as though it were simply a biological disorder, and much time is spent on diagnosis and classification, at the expense of exploring psychodynamics and meaning.


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  • R. Jacobson
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