Lipid Bilayer Stability in Biological Membranes

  • Leif Rilfors
  • Göran Lindblom
  • Åke Wieslander
  • Anders Christiansson
Part of the Biomembranes book series (B, volume 12)


One of the most important problems in biophysics today is the self-assembly of membrane components, in particular lipids and proteins. It has long been known that many membrane lipids spontaneously form a bilayer when mixed with water (Luzzati, 1968). Recently, it was also indicated that even a membrane protein may form a bilayer structure (Carlsson, 1981). The Singer and Nicolson (1972) model of a biomembrane is based on the assumption that the lipids form a bilayer matrix in which the proteins are incorporated and are able to diffuse more or less freely in two dimensions. If the function of the lipids is only to form this fluid matrix, why does a biological membrane often contain more than 100 different lipid species? Furthermore, many lipids do not spontaneously form bilayers with water. Sometimes not even the major lipid in a membrane forms a bilayer, e.g., monogalactosyldiglyceride of chloroplasts (Shipley et al., 1973; Brentel et al., 1984c). However, the membrane lipids together with the proteins form a stable, functioning membrane, with the properties necessary for a living cell, i.e., to be both a barrier and a communicator to the surroundings. It can thus be expected that the membrane lipids are not working just as a fluid matrix, as is suggested by the Singer and Nicolson model. Most probably they play an important structural role in biological membranes as will be discussed in this chapter.


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