Fluidity of Membrane Lipids

  • William E. M. Lands
  • Frank S. Davis
Part of the Biomembranes book series (B, volume 12)


In considering the various fatty acids that occur in living cells, we have questioned whether or not unsaturated fatty acids serve only to establish membrane fluidity. If this were their only role, then the wide variety of acyl structures that occurs in nature seems unnecessary since oleate (cis-9–18: 1) or palmitoleate (cis-9–16:1) appears capable of giving whatever fluidity would be required for a cellular membrane. Many membrane-related events are frequently regarded to have a good qualitative correlation with the apparent state of lipid fluidity in a way that provides little incentive to look beyond that correlative relationship. If some role for unsaturated acids beyond fluidity does occur, we will need a careful examination of the data to make it evident. This review examines quantitative evidence on the degree to which the contribution of an acyl chain to membrane fluidity influences cell function. The information is presented in a format that facilitates recognition of acyl chain effects that might be attributed to phenomena other than fluidity.


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