Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding between Membrane Lipids

  • Joan M. Boggs
Part of the Biomembranes book series (B, volume 12)


Biological membranes contain a great variety of lipids with different hydrocarbon chains, polar groups, backbone structure (glycerol or sphin-gosine), type of chemical linkage (ester or ether) of the hydrocarbon chains to glycerol, as well as other less common variations. This suggests that lipids must have some functions more specialized than maintenance of a bilayer to enclose the cell contents and of proper fluidity to allow dynamic protein function. Studies of the physical properties and phase behavior of lipids have shown that lipids can also play dynamic roles and can respond to changes in their environment by undergoing phase transitions, alterations in lipid— lipid and lipid—protein interactions, and by release or uptake of cations or protons. Several recent reviews have attempted to explain the special properties of different lipids and emphasized their dynamic organization and function (Träuble et al., 1976; Eibl, 1977; Seelig, 1978; Cullis and de Kruijff, 1979; Eibl and Woolley, 1979; Häuser and Phillips, 1979; Nagle, 1980; Barenholz and Thompson, 1980; Israelachvili et al., 1980; Boggs, 1980).


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