A Comparison of Proteinoid and Aldocyanoin Microsystems as Models of the Primordial Protocell

  • D. H. Kenyon


Perhaps more than any other investigator, Professor Sidney Fox has helped build the kind of solid empirical foundation upon which any meaningful discussion of the origin of life must be based. His work has had a significant impact on my own research on the origin of life. The proteinoid microsystem theory is one of the most important current models of protobiogenesis and I have followed its development over the years with interest and admiration. Especially impressive is the scope of this view, ranging as it does from the primordial synthesis of amino acids from simple gases to the beginnings of nucleic acid-directed polypeptide synthesis in microscopic units of bacterial dimensions (Fox, 1978; Fox and Dose, 1977).


Free Amino Acid Maillard Reaction Light Microscope Level Carbon Isotope Fractionation Initial Reactant Mixture 


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